Q & A

Q: Why do I need My Minerals® when I could just eat food to get my daily quota of minerals?

A: Normally, years ago, you could. The soil in this country and around the world has been stripped of the minerals that build antioxidant molecules in food. Without available minerals in the soil there are no antioxidants in the food and without minerals cells get damaged and vitamins have no function. Minerals activate vitamins. My Minerals solves the problem of empty food and stripped soil by providing these same minerals in the same state as they would be if the stomach had extracted them from food during digestion – positive metal ions.

Q: Can you give an example of how positive minerals work?

A: A very good example is the action of Iron+2. Inside the cells are mitochondria. These structures inside the cell use sugars and minerals like Magnesium to transform glucose into energy. But one of the four steps to generate energy (ATP) produces a free radical oxygen compound – superoxide. Think of smoke out of a power plant to make energy. The energy is good, the smoke; not so good.

We know that free radicals are naturally dealt with inside the cell with superoxide dismutase. An enzyme that wraps itself around the superoxide and transforms it into hydrogen peroxide in one step and breaks it down into water molecules and oxygen in a second step. For superoxide dismutase to be constructed an Iron+2 ion must be present inside the cell. Without it, free radicals rip apart proteins inside the cell and age the cell. That’s why anti-oxidants are so important. Antioxidant compounds in food normally provide these important positive mineral ions.

Q: Can My Minerals® help detoxify my cells?

A: My Minerals® provides the correct type and amount of positive mineral ions that compete with damaging ions for the metabolic pathways in the cells. Depletion of the good mineral ions, like Calcium++ allows bad mineral ions like Lead++ to occupy the pathways and cause mineral deficiency diseases. But when Calcium++ is supplied in the particle size found in My Minerals, the Lead++ is forced out of the pathway replaced by the Calcium++ and forced out of the cell.

My Minerals® is the first product in history to address this competition mineral ion phenomenon at the cellular level and the only mineral complex that can provide the correct minerals in the right ratio to re-mineralize cells and allow for natural detoxification by the existing mechanism inside the cells.

Q: What is the difference between Ionic and Colloidal Minerals?

A: Ionic minerals are assimilated into the body very quickly because they have been dissolved to their smallest particle, they are atoms and can be absorbed through the stomach walls into the blood stream and taken into cells by other molecules. Colloidal minerals are still in a metallic state and must be digested before they can be utilized by the body.